Wednesday, March 4, 2009

One-Quarter of Dutchmen Considering Emigration

According to Frans van Houten, the organizer of the emigration fair, more than a quarter of Dutchmen are considering leaving the country permanently. The fair drew 40% more visitors this year than last year.

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Mark said...

Ex police commander Joop van Riessen says that there is no place anymore in this country for people who will vote for Geert Wilders or people that do not agree with the multicultural catastrophical society the socialists are building. He also wants to destroy Geert Wilders ("mollen" as he calls it in dutch). See it for yourself at 4:47 minutes after the start of this video: Joop van Riessen

No wonder that only one quarter of the genuine dutch people want to leave the former homeland.

So this officer Joop van Riessen and his bystanders wants to deport people like me away from the Netherlands and therefore out of Europe. That is fine with me because I want to leave this country anyway. But who is going to help me with emigrating, just like foreigners are helped immigrating here in the Netherlands? Why are they socialists only social to foreigners and not to me? Why do they discriminate me? What free country can I go to?