Sunday, August 31, 2014

Three Dutch Jihadi Recruiters Arrested: One is Convert

The Dutch police have arrested three people – two men and a woman – suspected of recruiting jihadis for the Middle East.  With the help of the German police, two of them were arrested in southern Germany.  All three are suspected of inciting terrorist crimes.  The two men are also suspected of planning murders with a terrorist aim.  These crimes can carry sentences of up to ten years in jail.  The person arrested in the Netherlands is the convert to Islam, Rudolph Holierhoek.  He receives social security from the Dutch authorities.  Holierhoek has been jailed in the past for the manslaughter of his young daughter and has been a member of the Islamic University in the Netherlands.  The other arrested man, Abu Moussa, has stated on public television that he supports the Islamic State Movement (ISIS).

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Police takes Passport away from 10 Members of Jihadi-families

Jihadis have again been discovered in the Netherlands. In Huizen the police has taken away the passports of ten people, belonging to two families. They are suspected of identifying with the jihadi movements in Syria and planning to travel there. The four adults of the two families have been arrested. So far 130 Dutch jihadis have traveled to the Middle East and about 30 have returned to the Netherlands. According to the general intelligence service AIVD 14 have fallen in battle and two have committed suicide.

Friday, August 29, 2014

AIVD Intelligence Service is Losing Track of jihadis

Due to the cutbacks in the budget and the new dynamics of the jihadi movement the general intelligence service can no longer follow adequately the Dutch jihadi movement. According to the general intelligence service AIVD the Dutch jihadi movement is now more dangerous than ever.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Advisor of the Anti-Black Pete Movement Quits Due to Death Threats

Frank King, the legal advisor of the anti-Black Pete movement, is quitting due to intimidation. He has received death threats and hate mail but has also been personally threatened in many other ways. His parents are originally from Surinam.  King reported that one mail said that “I should have been put on a 17th century slave ship, just like my ancestors”. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Black Pete Debate: The Call to Boycott Dutch Hema Chain Stores

The Black Pete debate, which has taken a central place in the Netherlands for well over a year, continues to smolder.  The Hema chain stores have decided to adapt their packaging for the national children’s holiday of Sinterklaas of December 5.  From next year on, they will not include the figure of Black Pete on their packaging.  Many social media users, however, are calling for a boycott of the stores as they want to preserve this major Dutch tradition.

Dutch Jihadist Had Leading Position in Foley’s Jail

The Belgian jihadist, Jejoen Bentinck, has stated that the jail where the decapitated American journalist James Foley was imprisoned had a Dutchman among its leading wardens.  The exact role of the Dutch jihadi, who is reputed to have trained as an engineer in the Netherlands, is not known.  Bentinck was jailed there for some time as well.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Man Made Hitler Salute in Front of Police Officer and Was Not Arrested

The municipality, prosecution and police of Amsterdam regret that a police officer did not act correctly regarding a man who brought the Hitler salute.  This occurred during a pro-Palestinian demonstration where the police was present in order to assure that no discriminatory or anti-Semitic expressions would take place.  One of the demonstrators made the Hitler salute and a female police officer talked to him, but did not arrest him. As this was filmed, the police is now investigating the issue.

Monday, August 25, 2014

A Hundred Employees of the Ministry of Defense Claim Sickness Due to Exposure to Carcinogenic Material

A hundred former employees of the Ministry of Defense who are extremely sick have contacted lawyers in order to sue the government.   They say that while working in the workshops of the Ministry, they were exposed to chrome-6, a poisonous material which causes cancer.  A 1999 report of a government institution, the Arbodiens, already concluded, however, that employees had been in contact with chrome-6. In June, Minister of Defense Hennis said that there are no concrete indications that employees have been exposed to high concentrations of any dangerous materials.  The Ministry maintains this position until today, but has started an investigation.

Minister Asscher: After Years of Neglect, We Will Deal With Hate Imams

Deputy Prime Minister Lodewijk Asscher says that the Netherlands has given little attention to hate Imams in recent years.  Only when Rita Verdonk was a minister, from 2003-2007, was there greater attention given to the problem.  She had, on some occasions, refused travel documents and expelled Imams from the Netherlands. Asscher says that the government will soon present a program to deal more efficiently with Muslim extremism.  He added that “we will make the work of Hate Imams difficult, and where possible, stop it”.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Replacement for High Speed Train Also Poor Performer

The Dutch railways have had to cancel the high speed train service due to the poor performance of the Fyra trains.  It now has become apparent that its much slower replacement, Intercity Direct, also falls short of requirements.  Data show that the train service is very often cancelled or has substantial delays.  An expert service says that it is unlikely that the service will improve in the coming years.

Amsterdam: Police Can No Longer Pay Overtime to Police Detectives

Amsterdam police detectives have been told that the funds to pay their overtime for 2014 have been exhausted.  In 2015, no overtime will be paid whatsoever.  The anger of the police is so great that arrest and observation teams have threatened to strike.  As overtime can no longer be paid, detectives who have worked extra hours will have to be compensated by days off.  This will lead to a major shortage of police presence and detective capacity.  There are also several other detective units outside the capital who are in the same situation.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Argentina: Two Billion Dollar Claim Against Rabobank

A claim against Rabobank has been brought by an Argentinian financial consumer organization due to the bank’s manipulation of the Libor rate (the standard rate on which fluctuating interest rate is based).  Consumidores Financieros (CF) has brought a case before the Buenos Aires court in April.  Rabobank has already announced that in the US about 40 claims have been brought against it.  The bank has admitted to the manipulation and has already paid 774 million Euro in out-of-court settlement fines.

Netherlands: Little Material Available to Send to Kurds

Jean Debie, Chairman of the military trade union, NMB, says that the Netherlands have no heavy weapons available to supply to the Kurds fighting against ISIS. He added that all that could be sent are bulletproof vests, helmets and field glasses with night vision. Retired Mayor General Kees Homan says that there is no significant quantity of light weapons and munition which could be supplied.

Friday, August 22, 2014

The Hague: Jews Want to Leave Neighborhood Due to Anti-Semitic Incidents

Many of the Jews living in an enclave in the Schilderswijk (Painters neighborhood) in The Hague want to leave. They feel threatened after the ongoing anti-Semitic incidents.  The main riots in the Netherlands of the past few years have taken place in the Schilderswijk. The Jewish enclave has existed there for a hundred and thirty years. Some of the inhabitants claim that the municipality should provide them with a new home.

Minister of Justice: The Glorification of Violence is not Punishable

 Ivo Opstelten (VVD), Minister of Justice and Security does not want to make the glorification of violence separately punishable. He said that there is freedom of expression in the Netherlands.  Opstelten added that there should be strong actions against those who promote hatred, anti-Semitism and those who call to support violence. The law already provides opportunities for that. [Comment: In practice little is done]  

Damage from Russian Sanctions to the Netherlands: One and a Half billion Euro

Hans de Boer, chairman of the Dutch Employers Association VNO-NCW, estimates that the damage of the Russian sanctions against the Netherlands amounts to at least one and a half billion Euro. He is more pessimistic than the experts from the European Commission in Brussels who had estimated the damage to be about half a billion Euro. De Boer said that one should include the loss of indirect Dutch exports via Poland and the Baltic countries as well as the re-exporting of products imported into the Netherlands. He wants Brussels and the Dutch Government to pay compensation to the harmed businesses. In order to reduce the surplus he suggests to destroy produce or not to harvest it.    

Terror Groups Financed Through the Netherlands

Terror groups in the border areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan regularly receive money from the Netherlands.  The Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) of the Dutch police confirms this.  Banks and financial institutions have to inform the FIU of doubtful transactions, and 108 such transactions have been reported to the FIU last year alone.  The FIU refuses to give out any further information.  The National Coordinator for Terrorism Fighting and Safety (NCTV) says that the departure and return of jihadis is the main threat for the Netherlands.  The warning level at present is only one below the highest possible level, which means that the NCTV considers a terrorist attack in the Netherlands to be a realistic possibility.!br7LxQBEVCZrk/

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Opposition Leader: Government is Like Rabbit Caught in the Headlights

Christian Democrat Party Leader Buma says that the government is far too slow in dealing with the radicalization of Muslim youngsters.  He added, “the cabinet is like a rabbit caught in the headlights, waiting for what is coming”.  Buma observed, “ISIS, the returning jihadis, and the youth becoming radicalized in the Schilderswijk (Painter’s Neighborhood of the Hague), all these together are the greatest threat to national safety”.  He thinks that the cabinet has to make the glorification of terrorist acts punishable by law.  The authorities only show doubt.  Mayors who are confronted with pro-ISIS demonstrations are not supported by the government and are rendered powerless against them. This strengthens the ISIS supporters even more. PVV party leader, Geert Wilders, says that the government officials drink tea together but have never heard of the hard fight against terror. He remarked, “It is scandalous, irresponsible, and life-threatening.  The poisonous ISIS snake has to be cut from our society”. 

Internationally Known Dutch Jihadi Killed

According to Kurdish sources, Dutch Jihadist Khalid K. has been killed near Mosul, Iraq. He operated under the name Abu Abdelrehman al Iraki. He became internationally known when he posted pictures of himself on the internet, holding up a severed head. In the Netherlands, Khalid K. regularly frequented the Abou Bakr Assadik mosque in his home town of Almere. He was put under surveillance by AIVD, the Dutch intelligence service, and in 2011 was arrested as a terrorism suspect. After fourteen days, Khalid K. was freed. Thereafter, he departed for Syria, where he initially joined Juhbat al Nusra, and then subsequently joined ISIS.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Second Rabobank Employee Admits Guilt in Major Fraud

Paul Robson, a former Rabobank employee in London, has admitted before a New York court that he has participated with colleagues in a conspiracy to influence the Libor tariff. He is the second former Rabobank employee to admit his guilt. Rabobank has paid a fine of almost 775 million Euro to the American and European authorities in regard to this issue.   

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Chief Rabbi Needs Constant Police Protection

Chief Rabbi Binyomin Jacobs has declared in local paper, AD/Amersfoortse Courant, of August 8th, that he needs almost constant police protection.  He says that he can no longer take the train and is continuously insulted, nor can he go to the shopping center in his neighborhood because groups of youth harass him.  In the middle of July, three heavy stones were thrown through his windows. A few days later, another effort was made to throw three rocks through his windows.  Jacobs says that this has so far not been publicized.  The damage is still visible in his home.  He added that his home is secured with cameras. The rabbi said that various Jews from Utrecht have told them that they are afraid of the upcoming anti-Israeli demonstrations.  The municipality in Utrecht foresees no specific problems and will not provide additional police presence for the demonstration.

The Hague: Mayor Remains on Holiday, Despite Riots and Violence

“The riots in the Schilderswijk in the Hague are unacceptable”, said Minister of Safety and Justice, Ivo Opstelten (Liberal Party).  However, the Mayor, Jozias van Aartsen, remains on holiday, so there was no declaration from the municipality on this issue. De Telegraaf lists the many incidents in the “international town of peace and justice”: psychiatric patients were bullied out of the neighborhood, fans of the terror organization ISIS dream of establishing a Caliphate in the neighbhorhood, there is open Jew-hatred, violence is perpetrated against journalists and demonstrators, and now there are also extreme rightist slogans that appear.  The municipality, however, remains largely silent.

The Hague: Muslim Stone Throwers Disturb Anti-ISIS Protest

About a 150-200 people participated in the Schilderswijk (Painters’ Quarter) Freedom March.   The participants maintain that too little has been done against ISIS-supporters in the Netherlands.  The march was organized by a Facebook group which calls itself, Pro-Patria (“For the Fatherland”). A group of Muslim youngsters waited for them in the neighborhood and started to pelt them with stones.  Some Muslims shouted, “Allah is Great!”, and several police officers were insulted with “Cancer-Jews”. The special mobile unit of the police had to be summoned for them to restore order.

Rotterdam Jews Afraid After Threats From the Streets

 Increasingly, Orthodox Jews in Rotterdam do not wear skullcaps.  Leo Vromen, Chairman of the Rotterdam Jewish Community, added, “they prefer to wear them, but are being threatened because of them”.  He mentioned some of the anti-Semitic remarks.  Leopold Hertzberger, Chairman of the liberal Jewish community, said, “Every Jew in Rotterdam asks himself whether or not he is safe”.

Monday, August 11, 2014

At Anti-Israel Demonstration, Leftist Shouted Down After Condemning Hamas

A thousand people demonstrated against Israel in Utrecht on Sunday, in the pouring rain.  The Green Left parliamentarian, Judith Sargentini, could not finish her speech after she had condemned Hamas.  From the public, pro-Hamas slogans were shouted until she was forced to step down.  Throughout and to the very end of the demonstration, there were pro-Hamas shouts. Sargentini later tweeted that she had also wanted to condemn Israel, but had been interrupted before she had gotten the chance to do so.  [Comment:  As if that was relevant for the Dutch supporters of the Islamo-Nazi movement.]

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Moroccan Youths Taught How to Pester Police

The Aknarij West Foundation  in Amsterdam teaches Moroccan youngsters how to pester the police.  They get various tips for this behavior during a course called “Rights of the Street”.  This is the conclusion of a study by the Liberal Party in the Municipal Council of Amsterdam.  Council member Rik Tom has said that the Foundation presents the police as an enemy.  The Foundation is subsidized by the Amsterdam Municipality.  In response, Aknarij West says that it doesn’t allocate public funds for this particular course.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Laptop of Senior Irish Policeman found in Amsterdam Brothel

A laptop of a senior Irish policeman has been found in an Amsterdam brothel. It probably contains confidential information. A female collaborator of the brothel found the bag with the laptop, which also contained the policeman’s badge and documents. On various earlier occasions Irish police files of criminals have been copied and found in the public domain.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Russian Boycott Stops Dutch Trucks

In the past two days, seventy to eighty trucks with Dutch vegetables and fruit have been turned back at the Russian border, due to that country’s boycott of these products from the EU. Another 70-80 trucks did not even depart. This was said by Gert Mulder of the professional organization GroentenFruitHuis. He could not yet estimate the damage but it will be major, the more so as the boycott is meant to last for a year. Mulder also remarked that about ten Dutch exporters only sell to Russia and now have no business left.


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Ukrainian Separatist Leader: “Dutch Sexually Abuse Eastern Ukrainian Prisoners”

Igor Strelkov is the leader of the Separatists in the “Popular Republic of Donetsk”. He is also the main suspect in the shooting down of a Malaysian aircraft, a crime that killed all passengers, nearly 300 people.  On the Russian version of Facebook, he claims that the Dutch government collaborates with the Ukrainian government in maintaining brothels.  Separatist prisoners are forced to offer sexual services, and if they refuse, they are tortured, raped, and die from hunger. He adds that in Slaviansk, kindergartens have been turn into homosexual brothels. According to Strelkov, the Netherlands collaborates in these horrors with Germany, Belgium, and the Ukrainian “Fascist” government.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Prime minister: Too dangerous to search for Remnants of Plane Crash Victims

Prime Minister Mark Rutte has said that it is too dangerous to continue to search for remnants of the passengers of the Malaysian plane which was shot down in the Eastern part of the Ukraine. Almost 200 Dutch people were killed as well as about a hundred others. A small team will remain at the location of the disaster. Rutte said that it is likely to be unsafe for same time to continue the mission. One could understand from his words that fear for a Russian invasion into Ukraine also played a role in the decision to halt the mission. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Four People Arrested at Pro-Gaza Demonstration

Four people have been arrested after a demonstration in Amsterdam “against the violence in Gaza”.   Demonstrators shouted, “Netanyahu Murderer” and, “We Are All Palestinians”.  The police seized some flags, among which a Hamas flag and a Palestinian flag with the text, “Let Hamas Live”. The Amsterdam municipality, the police and the prosecution afterward spoke about a quiet demonstration.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Council of State Doesn’t Believe Intelligence Service

The Council of State is the highest Dutch judicial authority.  It has stated that the general intelligence service, AIVD, must intensify its efforts in locating files about the Dutch army captain, Raymond Westerling, and the revolution he led in 1950 against the Indonesian government of President Sukarno.  A Dutch historian had raised the issue as he wanted to write a book about Westerling and was informed that all that would be available to him was a single document of 11 pages, only part of it which he would be allowed to read. The historian says that a book about the intelligence service mentions a file consisting of 12 parts. The book also mentions a letter, dated 1956, from the police stating that Westerling is being closely watched. 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Chief Rabbi: Jewish Families Want to Leave the Netherlands

An increasing number of Jewish families want to leave the Netherlands because of the rise in anti-Semitism.  They feel unsafe and are being threatened and insulted on the streets.  This was said by Chief Rabbi Binyomin Jacobs, in the television program, Een Vandaag. He specifically quoted a Jewish individual who said, “My parents have suffered enough.  Should I also suffer?” Jacobs said that he himself also wonders whether or not it is safe for him to remain in the Netherlands.  He has, however, come to the conclusion that he has to stay - because the captain is the last one to leave the ship. 

Amsterdam Woman Assaulted for Displaying Israeli Flag

A woman was assaulted for displaying an Israeli flag from her balcony in east Amsterdam.  The men who perpetuated this crime called her a bloody Jew.  She suffered a concussion, fractured ribs, and contusions to her face.  The criminals also threw a burning stick at her, and hit her in the stomach.  The woman sprayed her attackers with red paint from a can she had been carrying with her, as she had received threats in the past by men who said that they would slit her throat.  Police have been stationed outside her home to protect her.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Hundreds of Moroccans Involved in Murders

Hundreds of Dutch Moroccan youngsters are involved in at least six murders in the Netherlands and Antwerp, Belgium, as well as in a series of extreme violent robberies.  This number is far bigger than initially thought by the Amsterdam police. This concerns youngsters both in the Netherlands and Morocco.  The Dutch Moroccan youngsters rob in the Netherlands, and then go to Morocco, which does not extradite its nationals.  This was confirmed by the prosecution in Amsterdam. Almost every week, one or more Dutch police teams travel to Morocco.  So far, the Dutch police have seized about 100 million Euros of black money in Morocco.

Museum Director: Amsterdam Dirty, Sordid and too Full

Wim Pijbes, director of the Rijksmuseum (National Museum) in Amsterdam, has written an open letter to the daily NRC Handelsblad. In it he says that Amsterdam is becoming ‘dirty, sordid and too full.’ He proposes an end to the illegal short-term rentals of rooms and the abuses concerning prostitution. Pijbes called the collection of domestic refuse in the city center and museum district ‘medieval.’ He added that even in the richest neighborhoods of Amsterdam, the refuse bags break open and the garbage is being eaten by gulls, rats and vermin.  

Friday, August 1, 2014

Parliamentarian Threatened by Moroccans Runs for his Life

Dion Graus, a Dutch parliamentarian of the Freedom Party, has complained to the police that while in Zwolle, he was threatened and insulted by a group of Moroccans and had to run for his life. Graus said on TV that in the future he will require better protection from the police. He claims that he has been frequently threatened over the past eight years.   

Jewish Businessmen Hire Bodyguards

Fifteen to twenty leading Jewish business men have hired personal bodyguards due to threats.  Roland Kahn, the owner of the fashion chain Cool Cat, has told the media about the many threats he has received.  “I am not only called a dirty Jew, and threatened with death, but my shops have also become a target.  My daughter, who lives in the United States, and my girlfriend, who has a Muslim background, are also threatened.  A number of Moroccan employees are threatened, as well, because they work for me”.