Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Number of Weapons in Schools Increases

A study by IRIS VO – a databank registering incidents in schools – in 250 high schools alleges that in the past three months the number of weapons found in schools has increased by twenty percent compared to last year. Only 28% of the schools inform the police when they find weapons. A spokesman of the databank said that probably only fifteen percent of the number of weapons in schools has been identified. He said that, after two recent deadly incidents in schools and several severe knifing cases, he expects that there will more in the future.

Family Caretakers of Demented Patients Overburdened

A study by the research institute Nivel on behalf of Alzheimer Nederland found that twenty percent of relatives or friends who take care of demented patients are so burdened that it endangers their health and that of the patients. The researchers undertook 1000 interviews among about 200 000 such caretakers. While 93% of them receive professional help, 67% consider that it is insufficient.

Amsterdam Mayor Authorizes Demonstration of Extreme Rightists

Amsterdam mayor Job Cohen has authorized a demonstration by the extreme right wing Natinalistische Volksbeweging (NVB) in the Western part of Amsterdam on 24 November. The organization wants to demonstrate against the recent disturbances in the Slotervaart neighborhood. A demonstration by the NVB on 23 September had to be stopped by the police after fights broke out with extreme left wing demonstrators. The latter were supported by hooligan fans of the Amsterdam soccer club Ajax.

Major Process against Hells Angels has Begun

On Monday a major process was begun against the six Dutch branches of the Hells Angels motor club. The prosecution claims that Hells Angels is a criminal organization, a crime for which members can be punished with up to four years in prison. Several individual members have been accused of the possession of drugs and weapons. All earlier attempts by the prosecution to have branches of the Hells Angels disbanded have failed.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fights between Kurds and Turks in Doetinchem

Forty to fifty Kurds and Turks fought on Saturday night in the center of Doetinchem. The cause of the fight is unknown. Large police forces were called in to separate the groups. Two people were arrested.

Netherlands Ill Prepared for Flood Catastrophe

The Netherlands can learn much from the experience of the United States with the flooding of New Orleans. Thus says Jan Franssen, the Queen’s Commissioner of the Province of Southern Holland and Chairman of the Task Force for the Management of Floods. According to him, the Netherlands is ill prepared should such a flood occur, as happened in 1953. There is no plan as to who is in charge in such a case, as so many responsibilities in the country are decentralized.

The Effect of Proposed Environmental Taxes will be Minimal

Two ministries have asked the Environment and Nature Planning Office (MNP) to analyze the proposed environmental taxes on cars and airplane tickets. The conclusion was that their impact will be marginal. These taxes will reduce pollution caused by 1%.

Government Ill Prepared for Cyber Terrorism

According to 90% of the Dutch computer and internet experts, the Dutch government is failing in fighting national and international cyber criminality. This is a conclusion of a study by DNU exhibition, which organizes the computer fair Infosecurity. The security of municipal services, police and medical files is considered particularly weak. It is possible that the Municipality of Almere was hit by a digital terror attack at the beginning of October. All e-mails of 2 October were lost. It took six days until the system was functioning normally again.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Australia criticizes Dutch Troops in Afghanistan

An Australian military spokesman announced that Australian soldiers did not participate in a Dutch military action in the Chora valley in Afghanistan in June. They disagreed with the Dutch military procedures and expressed concern about possible civilian victims. In the following Dutch-led action against the Taliban tens of civilians were killed. Hamid Karzai, President of Afghanistan, criticized the Dutch soldiers’ actions as imprecise and careless.

(For earlier Dutch killings of civilians see item on October 24:

Prisoner on Leave Given Secret information on Jail

A prisoner in the penitentiary of Heerhugowaard who went on leave was given, due to negligence, confidential documents, together with his personal belongings. This information included the addresses of the prison guards and minutes of management meetings. The latter dealt with personnel problems and probable prostitution in the prison.

Forty Court Verdicts Probably Invalid as Judge not Sworn In

Forty verdicts of the penal court in Den Bosch are invalid, according to several experts, because one its judges had not been sworn in. The Order of Advocates called it an incomprehensible blunder.

Right-wing and Muslim Radicals Trouble Muncipalities

A study by the COT Institute for Safety and Crisis Management, on behalf of the Organization of Dutch Municipalities (VNG) found substantial problems with extremists. Out of 75 participating municipalities, 27 suffered from right-wing extremism and eight from Muslim radicalism. The study showed that the municipalities have only limited understanding of this problem.

(For earlier post on right-wing extremists in Groningen see item on October 24:

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Dutch Government and EU Support Extreme Anti-Israeli Organization

The Dutch Center for Information and Documentation on Israel (CIDI) has published a detailed investigation of United Civilians for Peace (UCP), an extreme anti-Israeli organization funded by five NGOs, most of whose budgets come from the European Union and the Dutch Government. The report mentions inter alia that some of UCP’s speakers advocate Iran’s right to possess nuclear weapons, which opposes EU and Dutch policy.
Dutch report:

Crown Prince Brings Court Case against Dutch Pedophile Organization

The lawyer of Dutch Crown Prince Willem-Alexander and other members of the royal family, has brought a court case against Martijn, the organization of Dutch pedophiles, asking the court to force them to remove pictures of children belonging to the Royal Family from the organization's website.

More than 30 People Arrested at Extremists’ Demonstration in Arnhem

Fifty to a hundred people participated in a demonstration in Arnhem of the extreme right wing Nederlandse Volks-Unie (NVU) which has been authorized by the municipality. The demonstration was in favor of the death penalty for “murderous pedophiles and child rapists.” More than 30 people were arrested before the demonstration. Most of those detained belong to the Anti-Fascistische Aktie (AFA), an extreme left-wing group which had no permission for a counter-demonstration.

More Car Arson in Amsterdam

On most evenings during the past two weeks, there have been cases of car arson in the western section of Amsterdam. On Thursday night it spread elsewhere, when one car was burned and two damaged in the more affluent Buitenveldert neighborhood in south Amsterdam. Police spokesman Gerard Vrooland said that it is possible that the media, with their attention to the arson, are playing a role in encouraging it. During these two weeks, the police have not arrested any perpetrators. Of the 11 youngsters arrested preventively, eight have already been released, due to lack of proof of guilt.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dutch Soldiers Poorly Prepared for Riots in Iraq

Dutch soldiers in Iraq in 2005 acted during hundreds of riots and lootings without having proper preparation. This led to unnecessary danger to the soldiers. This is the finding of researcher Michiel de Weger of the Royal Dutch Military Academy. During the mission one Dutch marine soldier, Eric O., fired two warning shots on a group of looting Iraqis. One Iraqi was killed.

Comment: The Dutch troops in Srebrenica who fled the town in 1995 while the largest mass murder/genocide after the Second World War took place were also ill prepared for their tasks. This is mentioned in the Writ of Summons for the court case brought by some of the victims’ widows against the Netherlands and the United Nations.

Preventive Frisking again permitted by Rotterdam Police

A series of violent incidents has recently taken place in the center of Rotterdam. As a result, Mayor Ivo Opstelten has authorized the police to carry out preventive frisking in the area for the next six months. It is the tenth time that this has been permitted; the previous period ended in the middle of September. Any person can be frisked for the presence of weapons or ammunition; all cars and luggage can be searched .

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Municipality Closes Home of Supporters of Ajax Soccer Club

The Amsterdam Municipality has closed the home of the supporters of the Ajax soccer club, as it is a risk to the public order. At the beginning of October, after Ajax played against Dinamo Zagreb, hooligan fans threw bottles and stones at the police. Three policemen were wounded. Forty-three hooligans were arrested. This is the fourth time in five years that the supporters’ home has been closed. In 2006 the police found weapons and hard drugs there.

Students Offer Preserved Dead Dog to a Student Group

At the annual reception of Veritas, a Dutch veterinary student group in Utrecht, another student group offered them a preserved dead dog. The “gift” was refused and was later found in the toilet of the Veritas facilities. The National Inspectorate for the Protection of Animals was informed of this incident.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dutch Involvement again in Death of Tens of Afghani Civilians?

On Monday, 22 October, the Dutch TV Netwerk program published that in September 2007, up to 65 civilians – half of whom were women and children – were killed in Deh Rawod in Afghanistan. A Dutch defense expert said that most of these deaths were probably the result of a NATO air attack, Sources in the Dutch Defense Ministry contradicted each other about whether this attack was the result of air support to Dutch ground troops active at that time in the area.

(For earlier Dutch killings of civilians see item on October 22:

At least Six Hundred Extreme Rightwing Youngsters in Province of Groningen

A police investigation concluded that about 600-700 youngsters are involved in extreme right-wing activities in the northern province of Groningen. A quarter of these comprise the hard core. In 2006 there were 138 extreme right-wing incidents in the province, such as carrying Nazi flags, calling out Heil Hitler or painting swastikas. According to the police these youngsters increasingly maltreat or intimidate people.

Police Protect Amsterdam Firemen Extinguishing Burning Cars

A special mobile unit of the police is protecting the Amsterdam firemen who are extinguishing burning cars in the western neighborhoods of the city. With the exception of Sunday night, 21 October, cars have been burned in these areas every night. The arson activities have been going on for over a week. In the early evening of 23 October, a handicapped person’s vehicle was burned. There have been some preventive arrests but no perpetrators have been caught.

Additional Abuse of Animals in Student Movements

The daily de Volkstrant published an overview article on abuse of animals and other misbehavior in student organizations in recent years. This month, during the “greening” period, students of Albertus Magnus drank glasses of water with goldfish in them. Four students confirmed this. The spokesman of the student organization denies it. The article also mentioned the name of Nyenrode as the university where students were forced to have sex with live chickens.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Government Target: Reduce Percentage of Young Alcohol Drinkers to 62% by 2011

At present 82% of Dutch youngsters between the ages of 12 and 15 drink alcohol. The Dutch government is preparing measures which will reduce this to a target of 62% by the end of 2011.

Parents of Hooligans should Pay Penalties

A majority in the Dutch Parliament wants to impose penalties on the parents of hooligans. This is in view of the continued disturbances in the Amsterdam Slotervaart neighborhood. The methods proposed are reduction of child allowances, reimbursement of the cost of damages, and fines. The initial proposal was made by Amsterdam Finance Alderman Lodewijk Asscher (Labor Party).

Cars Burned in The Hague as Well

During the past weekend four cars were burned in two neighborhoods of The Hague – Schilderswijk and Transvaal. Sources comment that it is unclear whether these incidents are linked to those in the western quarters in Amsterdam.

Prohibition of Assembly in Troubled Neighborhood of Utrecht

In recent days a prohibition to assemble has begun to be imposed on 80 youngsters in the Utrecht neighborhood of Kanaleneiland. These youngsters disturb the neighborhood with destruction, risky driving, intimidation of pedestrians, burglary and street robberies.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Dutch Soldiers killed Tens of Civilians in Afghanistan in June 2007

An investigation by the UN mission in Afghanistan and the AIHRC, the independent Afghan human rights commission, concludes that the majority of the 60-70 civilians killed in the battle around Chora were victims of the Dutch ISAF soldiers (NATO forces). Many civilians were also wounded. Gen. McNeill, commander of ISAF, said that the Dutch shot their cannons from a great distance and were unable to distinguish between military and civilian targets. He stated that this is against the laws of war.

Criminal Investigation: Students Forced to Have Sex with a Live Chicken?

Various media claim that, during the “greening” period of a student movement in the province of Utrecht, first year students were forced to have sex with a live chicken. It is alleged that students were also forced to drink the blood of a bull. The media provided additional obscene details. The National Inspectorate for the Protection of Animals (LID) has started a criminal investigation into this matter.

Amsterdam Police Blame Judges for Lenient Punishments

Commissioner Hans Schönfeld, a senior member of the Amsterdam police, has asked judges to mete out more severe punishments to rioters in Amsterdam Slotervaart. He said that at present sentences are far too lenient. According to Schönfeld a frequently convicted burglar may be condemned to only 12 days in jail. This makes it very difficult for the police to deal with such criminals.

Aggression in Dutch Schools On the Rise

More than 36% of Dutch teachers have been insulted by a pupil in the last year. This is a finding of a study into aggression by the teachers’ trade union Algemene Onderwijsbond. Teachers also noticed an increase in fighting among children in elementary schools and even in kindergartens.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Secret Information of Chief of Staff on Afghanistan Leaked

Dutch Commander in Chief General Dick Berlijn has advised the Minister of Defense in a secret document that the Netherlands should continue to send soldiers to Afghanistan for another two years, but to reduce their number. This advice was leaked to a Dutch radio program on Saturday. This was criticized by politicians. Christian Democrat parliamentarian Karien van Gennip mentioned that there have now been many times that important matters concerning the Dutch mission in Afghanistan had been publicly known prematurely.

University of Utrecht 2006 Academic Censorship Affair Reemerges

With the retirement of Utrecht Rector Magnificus, Willem Hendrik Gispen, the issue of academic censorship at Utrecht university has reemerged in the news. In June 2006 he exerted great pressure on Professor Pieter van der Horst, a member of the prestigious Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences, not to mention Muslim anti-Semitism in his retirement lecture, because of the alleged quality of the contents, adding that he risked Muslim threats. When the University censorship became known publicly it led to a major debate with international echoes. Several important scholars confirmed the facts on Muslim anti-Semitism in Van der Horst’s texts. The latter claimed, after talking to Intelligence sources, that the Muslim threats were also invented.

For an English review of this affair, see

Sixth Night of Car Arson in Amsterdam Slotervaart

On Saturday night, for the sixth night in a row, several cars were burned in and around the troubled neighborhood of Slotervaart in Amsterdam. As on previous nights, the police did not succeed in arresting any of the arsonists.

Hundreds of Supporters of Ajax Throw Stones on Police

An estimated 400 supporters of the Amsterdam soccer club Ajax threw “many” stones on the Amsterdam police at the end of a game in the Arena stadium. A badly wounded policeman is in hospital. Seven rioters have been arrested.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dutch Journalist receives Prize for Book on Media Distortion about the Middle East

The journalist Joris Luyendijk has received yet another prize for his book Het zijn net mensen (They are like Human Beings). The book has sold 125,000 copies. It claims that free media cannot function in the Arab world and tells how the media distort reporting from the Middle East. Luyendijk also tells how he participated in this process for many years.

Comment: The distortion of information by some Dutch journalists led to the creation of this blog. One of these is Luyendijk. Also, in his prize-winning book the author shows major prejudice regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In the 80 pages devoted to this in the book, there is no reference to the fact that the Hamas Charter calls for the mass murder of Jews. For an English review of his book in English, see

Preventive Arrests Authorized in Amsterdam Slotervaart

Bernard Welten, Amsterdam Head of Police, said on television that he takes into account that riots such as those of Autumn 2005 in Paris could erupt in Amsterdam Slotervaart. In 2007 1,470 people - mostly between the ages of 12 and 17 - have already been arrested in that neighborhood. The police have now introduced a new legally approved measure: preventive arrests of people thought to be planning to disturb the public order. There has been new unrest in the neighborhood since Sunday, 14 October, when a person who had stabbed two policemen in the police office was shot and killed. Rioters have attacked the police office which is now heavily guarded and, despite major police patrols in the neighborhood, have burned or otherwise damaged a number of cars and attacked journalists.,1

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Number of Salafists in the Netherlands on the Increase

A new report of the AIVD, the Dutch intelligence services, indicates that the number of Muslim youngsters attracted to radical Islam is increasing. This concerns mainly second or third generation immigrants, both marginalized youngsters and highly educated ones. The AIVD estimates that 20-30,000 youngsters are attracted by Salafist ideas, of which 2,500 are activists. Twenty preachers direct their efforts to these youngsters, and another 20 are being trained. They are mainly linked to the Salafist mosques in Amsterdam, the Hague, Eindhoven and Tilburg. The AIVD states that the Salafist current is both undemocratic and intolerant. The AIVD fears that, as a result, there will be increased tension between Muslims and non-Muslims in the Netherlands.

Killed Attacker of Amsterdam Policemen Linked to Plan to Blow Up El Al Plane at Amsterdam Airport

The English website of the Israeli daily Haaretz discusses Dutch media reactions on the issue of the killed attacker of Amsterdam policemen. It quotes a Dutch media report based on Dutch intelligence services information in 2005 that the attacker and a group of young Moroccans in Amsterdam had been planning to shoot down an El Al plane at Amsterdam airport. An informant was quoted as saying that the attacker's brother was also involved in the plot. The attacker had been released from a mental hospital with an escort two days before he severely wounded the two policemen, but had slipped his guard.

Destruction In Amsterdam Slotervaart

On Monday night, 15 October 2007, twenty to thirty youngsters rioted in Slotervaart, the area of Amsterdam where a day earlier a young man was shot dead by a policewoman after he had severely wounded her and another policeman by stabbing them in the police office. The rioters threw stones through the windows of the police office, burnt a car and damaged other cars. A special unit of the Dutch Police now guards the police office.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Fourth Witness in Major Crime Process Dies in Suspect Circumstances

On 9 October 2007, Amsterdam lawyer Bram Zeegers was found dying in his bathtub. The police consider the circumstances of his death as suspect. He was a key witness in the current process again top criminal Willem Holleeder who became internationally known as one of the two kidnappers in 1983 of Heineken Brewery president Freddy Heineken. Three other key witnesses in the Holleeder case have been murdered since 2004.,1

Informant on Multi-Billion Euro Fraud is Impoverished

The largest fraud of the last decades in the Netherlands occurred when many of the leading construction companies conspired and raised prices for tenders to Dutch government bodies, by several billions of Euro. Ad Bos, the main informer who enabled the investigation of the fraud, is now totally impoverished. The former chairperson of the Parliamentary inquiry into the fraud Marijke Vos, now a municipal counselor in Amsterdam (Green Left Party) suggests establishing a fund to support informants.

Organization for Protection of Animals Addresses Mistreatment of Animals by Student Organizations

The Organization for the Protection of Animals in Amsterdam has written to all student organizations in Amsterdam and the university, demanding them to no longer abuse animals in student pranks or other activities. The reason behind this was that two sick little goats were found in Amsterdam probably abused in such student pranks. One of the animals has died.

Dutch Democracy: Only 9% of Utrecht Electorate Participate in Referendum about Mayor

On 10 October 2007 a referendum took place between the two candidates for the office of Mayor of Utrecht, the fourth largest city in the Netherlands. The Municipality was committed to accept the outcome if at least 30% of the electorate voted. However, only 9% did so. Minister of Interior Guusje ter Horst (Labor Party) may now consider abolishing such referenda totally.

Dutch Schools should Fight Sex Culture

On 11 October 2007 the Algemeen Pedagogisch Studiecentrum (APS), a center for education improvement, has appealed to Dutch schools to stop the increasing sex culture in schools. One example is that female pupils come to school parties dressed as Playboy bunnies. The APS mentioned that in some schools children wear T-shirts with "Pornstar" written on them. Another phenomenon is that older pupils try to get as many younger school children in one bed. The latter are called "objects for lust - touching and dumping." Schools hardly ever reprimand the students for this. In September Minister of Education Richard Plasterk (Labor Party) came out against "the present sex culture of society where girls and women are portrayed as objects of lust.",1

Wounded Amsterdam Policewoman kills Attacker

On Sunday, 14 October 2007, an attacker with a knife wounded two policemen in the Amsterdam Police Office of the Slotervaart neighborhood. A wounded female police agent shot at the attacker who died later that day. The two policemen were hospitalized. A few days earlier, in the same neighborhood, a 16 year old pupil at a technical college had been murdered by a 14 year old.

Racially Harassed Liberian Family Leaves Dutch Village

At the beginning of October 2007 a Liberian family in the Dutch village of Waspik went into hiding due to the frequent physical and verbal racist attacks they had been subjected to for many months by local youngsters. Thereafter they left the village due to this harassment. The family had fled Liberia where the father had died in the civil war.

Dutch Minister Concerned about Wilting Flowers in Gaza

On 4 October 2007 Dutch Minister of Development Cooperation Bert Koenders of the Labor Party made available three million Euro for emergency aid for Gaza. In his press release he wrote "The one and a half million inhabitants of Gaza are victims of the closure of the borders by the Israeli army after the takeover by Hamas [of the Gaza Strip]." His press release also mentioned that due to the closure of the border passage to Israel, carnations to be exported to the Netherlands had to be destroyed.

"Bad News" blogger's comment: The press release does not make any mention about the thousands of rockets and mortars that Hamas has shot, or allowed to be shot, at Israeli villages, killing and wounding many civilians. It also remains silent about the genocidal intentions of Hamas, as laid down in the Hamas Charter, for instance in its Article 7: “Hamas has been looking forward to implement Allah’s promise whatever time it might take. The prophet, prayer and peace be upon him, said: The time will not come until Muslims will fight the Jews (and kill them); until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him!"

Apparently Koenders cares more about wilting flowers than about dead and wounded civilians.,2007/10/Minister-Koenders-geeft-3-miljoen-voor-Gaza.html

Sunday, October 14, 2007

One Pupil Per Class Carries A Weapon

The Foundation against Senseless Violence says that on average one pupil per Dutch class carries a weapon. This announcement was made after a 14 year old pupil in a technical school in the Amsterdam Slotervaart neighborhood murdered a 16 year old pupil at the school.