Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Number of Salafists in the Netherlands on the Increase

A new report of the AIVD, the Dutch intelligence services, indicates that the number of Muslim youngsters attracted to radical Islam is increasing. This concerns mainly second or third generation immigrants, both marginalized youngsters and highly educated ones. The AIVD estimates that 20-30,000 youngsters are attracted by Salafist ideas, of which 2,500 are activists. Twenty preachers direct their efforts to these youngsters, and another 20 are being trained. They are mainly linked to the Salafist mosques in Amsterdam, the Hague, Eindhoven and Tilburg. The AIVD states that the Salafist current is both undemocratic and intolerant. The AIVD fears that, as a result, there will be increased tension between Muslims and non-Muslims in the Netherlands.

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