Monday, October 22, 2007

Dutch Soldiers killed Tens of Civilians in Afghanistan in June 2007

An investigation by the UN mission in Afghanistan and the AIHRC, the independent Afghan human rights commission, concludes that the majority of the 60-70 civilians killed in the battle around Chora were victims of the Dutch ISAF soldiers (NATO forces). Many civilians were also wounded. Gen. McNeill, commander of ISAF, said that the Dutch shot their cannons from a great distance and were unable to distinguish between military and civilian targets. He stated that this is against the laws of war.


IsraeliGirl said...

I never knew the Dutch were such barbarians! Guess all militaries are the same after all...

Michael said...

Yes, they are all the same.

With one tiny little difference compared to the Bad News from the Occupied Territories (hmmm..maybe I'll start a new blog as you suggest Manfred) - Dutch forces are in Afghanistan at the request of the Afghan Government.

ColinK said...

There is indeed a big difference between Israel's actions against the Palestinian terrorists and those of the Dutch troops in
Afghanistan. Palestinian leaders have called for the genocide of Jews for more than 75 years. There is no nation which has the power to hit its enemies, which would have accepted the Palestinianterrorism without reacting much more severely than Israel has. And,
as for the Dutch: they had not been attacked by any Afghanis before they sent their troops to Afghanistan. President Karzai of
Afghanistan severly condemned the Dutch mass killing of civilians. A
Dutch TV station mentioned that Dutch troops had been involved in additional mass killings of civilians in September as well.