Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Concrete Block Thrown Through Mosque Window in Uden

Last Friday morning a large block of reinforced concrete was thrown through the windows of the Turkish mosque in Uden. The mosque’s security cameras did not register the event. A spokesman for the mosque said that it is probably due to hooliganism. The town of Uden has a long history of vandalism against Muslim buildings. The same mosque was destroyed a year and a half ago. After the murder of Theo Van Gogh in 2004 by a radical Muslim, the Muslim elementary school burned down. Its new building and another mosque have also been the target of arsonists in the past.

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Dag said...

Vandalism of this sort is likely a naive prelude to sophisticated direct action against Islamic encroachment in the Netherlands. The inarticulate rage of concrete is a short step from a refined and dangerous expression of the will of the people against the elite.

Why no mass vote against Islamic supremacism in the Netherlands? Why a simple chunk of concrete thrown through a window? It takes time for the intelligentsia to evolve from appeasement and dhimmitude to following the masses, themselves awaiting the lead of the intelligentsia. The vicious circle of inertia breaks down among the unrestrained, i.e. the vandals and the lumpen proletariat who have little to lose. The anger rises.

Marginal intellectuals will take the lead eventually, and organize the lumpen into direct action. The vanguard of renegade intellectuals will take the masses into the streets, and the opportunist elite will follow. It's not inevitable, but it is standard practice. If and when that happens, I'll look forward to reading even more bad news from the Netherlands.