Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Demonstrators in Curacao Attack White Dutchmen

A political demonstration on the island Curacao in the Dutch Antilles a few days ago led to a manhunt of white Dutchmen. Several Dutchmen were wounded, one ended up in hospital with a skull fracture. Targets were mainly Dutch students working in hotels on the holiday island. They were attacked by tens of locals in a cafĂ© and they wreaked havoc. “We were abused and called names and had to run” said one of those attacked. Another one spoke of “South-African situations.” The hate started after a political demonstration against the interference of the Dutch government in the islands. The Dutch Antilles have been placed under financial legal authority of the Netherlands. Because of this a small group of islanders decided to attack Dutchmen and shouted “Bugger off to your own country” and “If we cannot go there, than you cannot be here.”,1

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