Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Socio-Economic Factors Only Partially Explain Criminality of Non-Western Immigrants

Three scholars – Roel Jennissen, Martine Blom and Annemarije Oosterwaal – have found that the high rate of criminality among non-western immigrants is only partly due to economic factors. In 2004 4.5% of non-western immigrants aged 12-60 were registered as suspect with the police. Even if one corrects this for socio-economic factors, second generation Moroccans still have a criminality rate 3.3 times higher than autochtonous Dutch. For second-generation Dutch of Surinam origin, the figure is 2.2, and for Antilleans of the second generation it is 1.8.www.parool.nl/parool/nl/7/MISDAAD/article/detail/250727/2009/06/28/Criminaliteit-niet-westerse-allochtoon-onderzocht.dhtml

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