Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Incidents against Policemen More Violent

The violence against policemen has not increased, but the incidents have become more violent. This is the conclusion of a study by the University of Utrecht ordered by the police, the justice department and the municipality of Utrecht. Last year there were 574 cases of violence against the police in the Utrecht region. The number of cases in which policemen were severely wounded increased from 72 in 2007 to 118 in 2008. This includes injuries such as broken noses, torn hamstrings and broken bones. The researchers say that excessive media attention to the issue leads to the public demanding harsher punishment, but this doesn’t solve any problems.

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Dag said...

When I read a statement such as: "this doesn’t solve any problems," I think of Hegel and The End of History. I also think of Cathars.

If "this doesn't solve any problems," is our approach to reality, meaning that we can 'solve' social problems, then one might imagine that social engineers are onto something good. We've seen them at work, all failures so far, at least if we look at Hitler and Lenin and any others I can think of, I would wonder why we would put our faith in any hope of a permanent solution at all. "Experts" changing society is a flop, so far. Society does change, and for the good, not by the effort of social engineers, but by free individuals acting in their own best self-interest, making things work for personal reasons and personal gain.

It's a Gnostic vision that leads some people to think they're so smart they have an answer to the "crime problem," an end to history, a perfect society only they can bring about. Like Cathars, they seem to think they can be Perfects.

It's a feudal idea. How on earth is that "progressive"?