Thursday, May 15, 2008

Netherlands Fifth Largest Weapons Trader in the World

According to the Swedish research institute Sipri, the Netherlands is the fifth largest weapons exporter after the US, Russia, Germany and France. The Dutch researcher Frank Slijper of the Campaign against Weapons Trade, says that much of this trade was approved by the government. The Netherlands has supplied armed vehicles to Egypt, a country which consistently breaks human rights laws. While there is an EU code on weapons trade, Slijper claims that it is not very effective because there are no sanctions on it.

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Dag said...

Please don't let me find out through back-channels that you are the arrested Dutch cartoonist Nekschott.

I've seen lots of bad news at this site, all thanks to your efforts, but that would be too much.

Great work, you. We keep our thoughts positive and hope for the best for you and all the people of the Netherlands.

Dag Walker and colleagues, Vancouver, Canada.