Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Freedom Party: Government Manipulates War History

Member of Parliament Bosma (Freedom Party) claims that the suggestion of Deputy Minister Jet Bussemaker (Labor Party) that more attention should be given to the role of non-westerners in the liberation of the Netherlands and Europe is simply a manipulation by the Labor Party to be nice to its Muslim voters. He added that the role of these non-westerners was negligible in the Netherlands. David Barnouw of the Dutch Institute for War Documentation (NIOD) says that 19 French soldiers of Moroccan origin are buried in the Netherlands: 12 were killed in battle, the other seven were killed in France and washed up on the Dutch shores. The motive of many Moroccan soldiers who volunteered to serve in the French army was to earn money, not to fight for the freedom of Europe.


Dee said...

Gosh I just love this one. Telling the truth is now considered manipulating history.

Dag said...

I'm so grateful to Dee and the like for speaking truth to power by defending against all odds the reputations of a dozen or so Moroccans who saved Europe from the forces of cosmic evil. If not for Dee I would have thought this an obscure fact rather than what it now so obviously is: The Truth.