Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Forty Percent of Mosques Have Been Vandalized

Researcher Ineke van der Valk of the University of Amsterdam says that almost 40% of the about 475 mosques in the Netherlands have been vandalized within the past ten years.  The vandalism included graffiti, broken windows, or the hanging of a pig’s head within the mosque.  Van der Valk interviewed representatives of 86 mosque of which 58 had suffered from an incident, of which 1/3 occurred within the last year alone.  In the past few days, security around the mosques has been strengthened because of a call on a Facebook page, supporting the PVV, to burn down mosques, like what was done in Sweden. Van der Valk says that after the murder of van Gogh in 2004, there was an increase in such vandalism, which is increasing yet again due to the publicity around the Islamic State.

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