Sunday, September 29, 2013

Inspectorate Knew of Fraud at Ibn Ghaldoun, but did not Act

Already before final exams were stolen in large numbers at the Ibn Ghaldoun Muslim High School in Rotterdam, the Educational Inspectorate was warned by one of the teachers about fraudulent behavior at this school. In April it received a letter which stated that teachers knowingly gave relatively simple tests to students. Also, students were promoted to higher classes while they should have been left back. Students and teachers negotiated about marks. Teachers also gave higher marks than justified to make good impressions. Teachers who did not collaborate were bullied and had to leave. Two months later it became known that 27 final exams had been stolen at the school. The Inspectorate admitted that it was informed earlier, but decided not to act, as it wanted to do an overall “quality control” of the school later on. In the meantime, the exams were stolen and it has been announced that the school will be closed.

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