Monday, September 16, 2013

Deputy Minister Expects Muslim High School to go Bankrupt

Sander Dekker, Deputy Minister of Education said in Parliament that the Muslim High School Ibn Ghaldoun in Rotterdam is likely to go bankrupt. This makes it unlikely that the school will be able to pay back much of its debts to the government, which amount to 1.4 million Euro. It also owes 800,000 Euro to the Rotterdam Municipality. Ibn Ghaldoun is the only Muslim high school in the Netherlands. Another one, the Islamitisch College Amsterdam, was closed last year. In 2007, it became known that since 2003, the school management had illegally spent 1.23 million Euro subsidy. For instance, two trips to Saudi Arabia, costing 200,000 Euro. According to the Inspectorate of Education, the costs couldn’t be found in the financial reports of the school. A judge found that two imams were paid salaries, even if they did not teach at all.!QsGjlfayenJGsCYQiyYT5Q

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