Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dutch TV Satire Accuses Netanyahu based on Classic Anti-Semitic Stereotype

A Dutch satirical news show has taken up the classic anti-Semitic stereotype that the Jews lust for blood. A program of the Socialist Vara Television manipulated clips so that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu was telling US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that he was maximizing civilian deaths. Timon Diaz, a Sri-Lanka born columnist for the Dagelijkse Standaard said the video is “reminiscent of the many blood libels that already exist about Israel and the Jews.”

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Balder said...

Outrageous, absolutely outrageous.

But though Netanyahu may not have said that, many of his close allies, spiritual advisers and religious leaders, actually stated just that; maximize civilian deaths; don't spare woman and children, as stated in the Old Testament, as well in the Talmud. During the former Gaza Operation, government paid IDF rabbis spread literature instructing soldiers to do just what was put in Netanyahu's mouth in that interview. And many of Netanyahu's illustrious predecessors have been quoted for very similar things. Right from the beginning of the State of Israel actually.

So if one thinks that the Mohammed Cartoons were justified, because some Muslims actually have a nasty habit throwing bombs, it must also be justified to picture Netanyahu with a text that refers to the absolutely extremist views which are being embraced in certain influential circles in Israel, very close indeed to Mr. President himself.

Such things are of course of great concern to the Zionist community, which is one of the reasons that the real influential Zionist organizations don't want to have anything to do with Israel loving Wilders or other adversaries of mass immigration and islamization, and keep on promoting pro-multicult and pro immigration agendas, whilst keeping up the fight against free speech in which many of them excel.