Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Schoolbook Mentions Hitler and Wilders in Same Sentence

A new schoolbook which has been issued on the occasion of the Day of Respect on 13 November, mentions the names of Hitler and Dutch right-wing parliamentarian Geert Wilders together in one sentence, saying that the Wilders movie “Fitna” and Hitler’s Mein Kampf are both based on one-sided views. Parliamentarian Martin Bosma of Wilders’ Freedom Party has asked the publisher to recall the book, but to no avail. The book was distributed to 1,000 elementary schools.

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MixMax said...

I can't see this as bad news from the Netherlands, on the contrary. The weapon of hatred that Wilders carried has backfired on him. It did when he released his lame movie and the ill response by many to it, and now this one. I see it as valid comparison and many scholars here already made such a comparison by pointing the finger to a certain minority group like Hitler did to the Jews in late 1930's