Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Parliamentarian: Scandalous Behavior of Turks during Demonstration

Christian Democrat Parliamentarian Pieter Omzigt said that various slogans shouted during a demonstration by Turks against a monument in Almelo memorializing the Turkish genocide of the Armenians were scandalous. He gave as an example the slogan “Karabach will become the mass grave of the Armenian.” It was shouted by a speaker and repeated by the public. Omzigt also said that members of a military band who wore Ottoman uniforms were a provocation in view of the fact that the genocide was carried out under the Ottoman rule. Omzigt together with four other parties, SGP, CU, SP and PVV have asked the government whether they know anything about Turkish government pressure on mosques, foundations and organizations to participate in the demonstration. These parliamentarians also want Foreign Minister Timmermans to discuss the demonstration with his Turkish colleague.

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