Sunday, June 15, 2014

One Hundred and Twenty Police Complaints against Labor Party Leaders

The Dutch prosecution has announced that 120 people have complained to the police about discriminatory remarks about Moroccans by Labor Party Chairman Hans Spekman and party leader Diederik Samsom. This is a reaction to the 5,000 complaints against PVV leader Geert Wilders who shouted with his followers in The Hague: “Less Moroccans.” Wilders said that Samsom said in Parliament that Moroccans have, “an ethnic monopoly” on hindrance. He has also related this to their religion. Spekman, according to Wilders, has said that Moroccans are “no good and should be humiliated in front of their community.” Wilders said that he prefers that no one be prosecuted, yet if he is prosecuted, these politicians who made more extreme statements than he, should be prosecuted as well.

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