Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Al-Qa’ida: Exchange Murderer of Van Gogh for Western Hostages

The national coordinator of the fight against terrorism writes that the Al-Qa’ida branch in North Africa wants to exchange Mohammed Bouyeri for western hostages. Bouyeri, who in 2004 slaughtered the Dutch media personality Theo van Gogh, is at present serving a life-long sentence in the Vught jail. Al-Qa’ida has called Bouyeri a “martyr” and “role model”. The North African branch of Al-Qa’ida is particularly active in Algeria, Mauretania, Mali and Niger. The national coordinator of the fight against terrorism says that this exchange proposal may make Dutchmen in North Africa vulnerable for kidnapping.

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Anonymous said...

If this goes through, there will inevitably be some Muslims in The Netherlands who will expect to be exempt from the law.