Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Dutch authorities underestimate death threats against homosexuals.

The Dutch LGBT advocacy organization COC has once again approached the  governmental central body responsible for receiving asylum seekers (COA) claiming that homosexuals have been threatened with death in the asylum seeker camp Heumensoord, near Nijmegen.  One asylum seeker sent the COC pictures of threatening notes such as “kill gay” and “camp no good kill gay.”  Janneke van Maanen says that the media underestimates the severity of the threats.  She said “if nothing is done, people may be killed.  We realize that the number of incidents is increasing, and that the incidents are becoming more severe.”  The municipality of Nijmegen claims that it can guarantee the safety of refugees who bring complaints against those who threaten them.  The municipality does not want to establish safe houses as demanded by COC.  This is also the position of the Prime Minister’s party, the VVD, and the deputy minister in charge.

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