Friday, October 31, 2014

Ombudsman Heavily Criticizes Former Deputy Minister

The acting ombudsman, Frank van Dooren, has said that the approach of the previous Deputy Minister of Finance, Frans Weekers, in dealing with the so-called “Bulgarian fraud” a year ago, contained huge mistakes.  Weekers had decided, in 2013, that people who get support from the government can only use one bank account.  Two weeks after he decided that, the payments to 177,000 people were suspended.  It led to many financial problems for the intended recipients.  Van Dooren claimed that the short time Weekers gave his officials to deal with the matter has caused many problems. He added “ Good people suffered from the misbehavior of bad people.”

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Prosecution Wants Rapper Who Threatened Wilders to Do Community Service

The prosecution has asked the court to sentence Rapper Hozny to 80 hours of community service and two months of probation. Earlier this year, Hozny put up a video on YouTube where two guns are held to the head of a Wilders lookalike, and then the picture fades to black and a shot is heard.  

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

American Trader Explains Dutch Police Corruption

Richard Bistrong, an American weapons trader, has explained how the corruption in the weapon trade functions.  Until his arrest in 2007, he was a supplier to the Dutch army and the Dutch police.  He said that he would meet an intermediary who would tell him how much corruption money would have to be paid for information or orders.  Once he agreed, he would pay the money to the intermediary.  It was clear that the money would be paid to government officials.  Currently there are major suspicions about corrupt purchases by the Dutch police.

Number of Impoverished Children Has Increased

A new UNICEF report says that the poverty of children in the Netherlands has increased from 12.9% in 2008 up to 13.9% in 2013.  11% of people interviewed in 2013 said that there had been moments where they did not have enough money to buy food for themselves.  In 2008, the figure was 4%.  Already in March of this year, the Verwey-Jonker Institute published the fact that between 2009-2012, the number of children living in poverty in the Netherlands increased by 10%.  The report also mentioned that impoverished children live mainly outside the main urban areas.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Five Employees of National Police Have Been Suspended

The head of the national police has decided to suspend five employees who are responsible for purchasing.  He said that this decision was necessary because of the debate on the integrity of the police.  The prosecution department of the Ministry of Justice has started, as of last month, an investigation of a variety of police employees.  The Minister of Justice, Ivo Opstelten (Liberal) has informed parliament that there are suspicions of corruption concerning the purchase of police vehicles in 2010.  Furthermore, there are now indications that a major order for mobile phones has not been dealt with according to the law.  The same is true for communication and other equipment.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Social media warning for Dutch military abroad for fear of jihadists

Dutch military who go abroad for their work or vacation should cancel the facilities to locate them via social media. According to the Ministry of defense in that way can be prevented that jihadists can locate them. The ministry of defense has informed soldiers that their Facebookpages should not be accessible to the public. This warning follows a number of incidents where soldiers have been harassed via the internet. The MIVD ( The Military Intelligence Service) has started an investigation.)

Friday, October 24, 2014

Mayor Compares Dutch Jihadis to Post-War Jews

In a radio program Pieter Broertjes, (Labor party) the mayor of Hilversum has compared Jihadis from his town who left for Syria to the Dutch Jews who went after the Second World war to Israel to fight there against the English. He said that those who left for Syria are adult people.  Via his spokesman the mayor modified his statement somewhat. He stated that Broertjes wanted to say was that the authorities can not forbid people for whatever reason to go and live elsewhere. [Comment: recently Broertjes said that the Netherlands should expel Putin’s daughter in view of the  West’s conflict with Russia.)