Monday, September 1, 2014

Children of Men Murdered by Dutch Army in Former Dutch Indies Want Compensation

Almost seventy years ago, the Dutch military executed, without trial, thousands of men in the southern part of Sulawesi Island. At that time, the island was part of the Dutch Indies, now Indonesia.  Three children of the murdered have now put in a claim against the Dutch government for compensation.  One of them witnessed, as a child, the murder of his father by Dutch troops.  The three come from the villages of Suppa and Bulukumba, where hundreds of men were executed without trial, and houses were burnt down to the ground.  This was done by the Dutch special troops under the command of Captain Raymond Westerling. In 2011, a Dutch judge condemned the government and ordered it to pay compensation to the widows of the victims of a similar Dutch mass murder in the village of Rawagede, on the Island of Java.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Three Dutch Jihadi Recruiters Arrested: One is Convert

The Dutch police have arrested three people – two men and a woman – suspected of recruiting jihadis for the Middle East.  With the help of the German police, two of them were arrested in southern Germany.  All three are suspected of inciting terrorist crimes.  The two men are also suspected of planning murders with a terrorist aim.  These crimes can carry sentences of up to ten years in jail.  The person arrested in the Netherlands is the convert to Islam, Rudolph Holierhoek.  He receives social security from the Dutch authorities.  Holierhoek has been jailed in the past for the manslaughter of his young daughter and has been a member of the Islamic University in the Netherlands.  The other arrested man, Abu Moussa, has stated on public television that he supports the Islamic State Movement (ISIS).

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Police takes Passport away from 10 Members of Jihadi-families

Jihadis have again been discovered in the Netherlands. In Huizen the police has taken away the passports of ten people, belonging to two families. They are suspected of identifying with the jihadi movements in Syria and planning to travel there. The four adults of the two families have been arrested. So far 130 Dutch jihadis have traveled to the Middle East and about 30 have returned to the Netherlands. According to the general intelligence service AIVD 14 have fallen in battle and two have committed suicide.

Friday, August 29, 2014

AIVD Intelligence Service is Losing Track of jihadis

Due to the cutbacks in the budget and the new dynamics of the jihadi movement the general intelligence service can no longer follow adequately the Dutch jihadi movement. According to the general intelligence service AIVD the Dutch jihadi movement is now more dangerous than ever.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Advisor of the Anti-Black Pete Movement Quits Due to Death Threats

Frank King, the legal advisor of the anti-Black Pete movement, is quitting due to intimidation. He has received death threats and hate mail but has also been personally threatened in many other ways. His parents are originally from Surinam.  King reported that one mail said that “I should have been put on a 17th century slave ship, just like my ancestors”. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Black Pete Debate: The Call to Boycott Dutch Hema Chain Stores

The Black Pete debate, which has taken a central place in the Netherlands for well over a year, continues to smolder.  The Hema chain stores have decided to adapt their packaging for the national children’s holiday of Sinterklaas of December 5.  From next year on, they will not include the figure of Black Pete on their packaging.  Many social media users, however, are calling for a boycott of the stores as they want to preserve this major Dutch tradition.

Dutch Jihadist Had Leading Position in Foley’s Jail

The Belgian jihadist, Jejoen Bentinck, has stated that the jail where the decapitated American journalist James Foley was imprisoned had a Dutchman among its leading wardens.  The exact role of the Dutch jihadi, who is reputed to have trained as an engineer in the Netherlands, is not known.  Bentinck was jailed there for some time as well.