Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Father of Queen Continued Hidden Military Lobbying

Prince Bernhard, the late father of Queen Beatrix, broke his promise to the Dutch government not to be involved in any business matters. It now turns out that the Prince was not only involved in an effort in 1994 to sell Dutch marine ships to the United Arab Emirates, but also tried to sell planes of the Dutch company Fokker of which he had been a supervisory board member in the past. In 1976, the Prince was not prosecuted for bribe money paid by Lockheed. He had however, to promise to give up all of his board memberships, not to be involved anymore in business affairs and he also had to give up his military uniform. The historian Gerard Aalders said that this is the first proof that the Prince who died in 2004 did not keep his commitments to the government. He had suspected for a long time that this was the case, but could never find any proof.

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