Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Christian Daily Leaves Extreme Anti-Semitic Talkbacks on its Website

The Christian “quality” daily Trouw leaves extreme anti-Semitic talkbacks on its website. The following one has been there now for more than a day and a half: “The factories in Germany and the rest of Europe were in the hands of the Jewish people which paid starvation wages to their workers, while they made giant profits on the American markets. This is the reason why Hitler became so angry with this people. He had warned them frequently enough to be honest traders and pay decent salaries. The Jews refused this, which led to hatred against these people….That’s what I know about it. They became rich from the crisis.”

The person signs with the nickname Dolf and has a number of other hateful talkbacks as reactions to a review of a book by the writer Ian Kershaw.


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