Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Chairman of Euthanasia Club Arrested after Death of Woman

The chairman of the Foundation for Voluntary Life - Stichting Vrijwillig Leven (SVL) has been arrested for assisting in granting the wish to die of an 80-year old woman in a nursing home in Almelo. Her son and the chairman were among six people arrested shortly after her death. The vice-chairman of the foundation said that the woman had been seriously ill and lost her will to live. ‘The nursing home refused to cooperate in any way in ending her life and is to blame for the arrest of our chairman and other people who were directly involved’. He accused them of not respecting the wishes of the woman and her family. He added: ‘This case of euthanasia does not differ from other cases in which we assisted, therefore the formal attitude of this nursing home is exceptional. We have not encountered this before. Our chairman is being exposed as a criminal.’

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