Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Eight Minutes of Extreme Antisemitic Hatred on Dutch Public Radio

On a radio show on Dutch Public Radio (NPO) which invites call-ins, a recent subject was ‘Children have too many obligations.’  One of the callers said that children were ‘injected with all kinds of poison.’  This came from ‘avaricious Jewish scum.’ He added, “These people have to be exterminated worldwide because we are in a downward spiral.”  The presenter, Morad El Ouakili, did not disconnect the caller but said that he did not totally understand the caller .  He also let the same caller speak another time in which the caller said that all Jews should be exterminated.  El Ouakili said that on the app of the program there were a lot of reactions from people who agreed with the caller a thousand percent.  The antisemitic remarks went on for 8 minutes.

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