Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Expert: Dutch Government Spends 5 Billion Euros Too Much on Computer Projects

Lauran Matthijsen is a former computer specialist at the Ministry of Agriculture. He appeared before a temporary commission on behalf of Parliament, which investigates the many problems with computers in government bodies. Matthijsen said that every year 5 billion Euros could be saved if the authorities were working properly. 1.3 billion Euros derive from failed projects. The remainder results from computer projects which have been realized in a far too complicated way, which results in increased management and maintenance costs. According to him, projects are being defined in a way that allows suppliers to make huge profits. He mentioned one system which cost 108 million Euros and could have been done for 4 million Euros. Matthijsen has mentioned the problems often, but no one ever wanted to listen to him.

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