Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Minister Already Knew in November that he had Misinformed Parliament

From a reply to questions from Parliament, it becomes clear that Minister of the Interior, Ronald Plasterk already knew in November 2013 that he had misinformed Parliament about the collection of telephone data by the American Intelligence Service NSA. He had falsely stated that it wasn’t the Dutch intelligence services which had collected data on 1.8 million telephone conversations. Three weeks before that, he had already declared on television that the Dutch intelligence services had nothing to do with this collection. In November, he and the minister of defense knew for sure that the Dutch intelligence services were responsible. Still, they did not inform Parliament, but were recently forced to do so after a group of citizens brought a court case against them. www.nrc.nl/nieuws/2014/02/10/plasterk-wist-al-in-november-over-verkeerde-informatie-onderschepping-telefoongegevens/

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