Monday, July 29, 2013

Muslims in Various Countries Call for Violence against the Netherlands

In various European countries, young Muslims protested against the arrest of
a 19 year old Muslim woman, Umm Usamah. She was arrested two weeks ago in the Netherlands because she tried to recruit Dutch Muslims for the civil war in Syria. In London, a group of men demonstrated in front of the Dutch Embassy. Banners shown had texts in Dutch and English including “Sharia for the Netherlands.” Some of the texts posted on the internet calling for her release are extremely violent, including, “Where is the lone wolf who takes revenge for his sister?” On a Dutch-Muslim website, “De Ware Religie” (“The True Religion”), a letter was posted which warned the Dutch authorities about the abduction of Dutch citizens in Muslim countries.

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Soothsayer said...

Time to send every single Mulim back to their own countries.