Sunday, July 7, 2013

Huge Exam Fraud at School Only one among Many Problems

The Muslim Ibn Ghaldoun high school in Rotterdam received much publicity because 27 different exams were stolen from the school safe, the largest such fraud in Dutch history. Seven current or former teachers have now disclosed that there were many other problems at the school. Among the worst one was that under pressure, teachers unjustifiably raised marks. Some students who had low marks were given unlimited opportunities to redo their papers until they became sufficient; the car of a teacher who did not agree to raise marks was destroyed by Moroccan students. Another was threatened because he refused to redo a student’s paper which the student wasn’t entitled to. The number of students who had to redo a class was far less than one would expect from the level of knowledge. After school, girls were forced to attend homework classes. The lessons given there were indoctrinations which incited them against Dutch society at large.

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