Monday, September 5, 2011

Prosecution: Parliamentarian was not Prosecuted by Mistake

From a document which the head Public Prosecutor in Maastricht J. Penn-te Strake sent to the Court in Den Bosch, it results that it had been a mistake not to prosecute Dion Graus, who is now a parliamentarian for the Freedom Party. The prosecutor said that there was sufficient proof that in 2002 Graus, during a dinner, had verbally attacked his wife and for a minute tried to strangle her. After he let her loose, he also threatened to put a gun to her head. Graus’ father confirmed to the police that his son had indeed on various occasions threatened his wife, abused her and tried to strangle her. In 2007, the prosecutor didn’t think it was opportune to prosecute Graus at such a late date.

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