Thursday, September 8, 2011

After Norwegian Murders, Dutch Social Democrats are Afraid

Labor Party Leader Job Cohen has said that after the murders by Anders Breivik in Norway, many Dutch Social Democrats and other leftist Dutch politicians are afraid. He said that many members of his party ask themselves whether such attacks could happen in the Netherlands. Cohen added that no one had considered it possible that in a country such as Norway, such a murderous rampage could happen. He said that this shows that there are extremists everywhere.


Lady Patriot said...

Yep, it could indeed happen. The PVV are actually a violent ilk. Last April, a shooting at a shopping mall was perpetrated by a fellow who was a PVV supporter.

The PVV has also engaged in threats against a cartoonist, as well as academics who wanted to give speeches critical of the PVV.

Yes - it could happen in the Netherlands more so than anyplace else...but the AIVD is to busy looking for "radical Islamists" based on Islamophobic criteria.

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