Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Netherlands Pays for Anti-Wilders Movie

Turkish television has recently broadcast a critical program on the Islamophobia in the Netherlands and the rise of Freedom Party Leader Geert Wilders. The costs of preparing the documentary and the travel costs of the Turkish journalists to the Netherlands were paid for by the Dutch government. In the program, one Turkish Dutchman complained about the discrimination in the labor market. Another said that the Dutch are more radical than before. A third one warned about ethnic violence – he called the Netherlands and the rest of Western Europe “a barrel full of explosives.” The Turkish reporter added that the Netherlands is one of the countries where one feels the enmity against immigrants the strongest.



Blazingcatfur said...
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KURSK said...

It would seem that the Dutch govt, by hook or by crook, will stop at nothing to 'get' Wilders.

If others somehow make their problem disappear by murdering him, all the better.

With every move by the leftist controlled judiciary, they are setting up the conditions for this to happen.

As a Canadian I am saddened and angered by what the left has done to Holland.