Sunday, December 19, 2010

Author: Current Anti-Semitism is the Fifth Wave in 70 Years

Israeli author Manfred Gerstenfeld claims that the failure of the Dutch authorities to effectively fight against the anti-Semitism in the country is part of the fifth wave of discrimination of the Jews in the last seventy years. He mentions as the first wave, the neglect of the Dutch government in exile in London to leave instructions to the authorities in the occupied Netherlands on how to react against the anti-Jewish measures. This was followed by a second wave which expressed itself in the lack of interest of the government in exile in the murder of 95% of the Jews who were deported. The third wave was post-war discrimination of the surviving Jews. The fourth one was the non-selective admission in the past decades of immigrants from Muslim countries with much more profound anti-Semitic characteristics than those prevailing in the Netherlands.

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