Monday, May 24, 2010

Wilders: Moroccan Suspects Six Times More than Ethnic Dutchmen

During an election debate of political leaders on RTL TV, the leader of the Freedom (PVV) party, Geert Wilders, cynically said that he wanted to apologize to the Moroccan community as he had said in the past that they were five times more suspects amongst them than among the ethnic Dutch. He said he wished to correct himself and that the number of suspects among them is in fact six times that of ethnic Dutch. On another matter, he said that the pledge by Labor party leader and former Mayor of Amsterdam, Job Cohen, that if he became Prime Minister he would do for the Netherlands what he had done for Amsterdam, should be seen as a threat rather than as a promise.,buitenland

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Blue said...

May 24, 2010

Gert Wilders

Let me introduce myself. My father was one of Lord Lovats Canadian Commandos WW111.
A) You know that Nazi problem you had. You know those some 70,000 Dutch that sacrificed their lives to protect Dutch Jews including Jewish Christians Freemasons WW11.
B) Yes Gert Wilders My Father was one of those Commandos except Gert I did not get to know my Father personally because of Hitlers Commando Edict. Yes Gert that is right my parents walked away from each other and I was hidden with distant relatives. It is still WW11
C) Gert you shame those Commandos and their sacrifices with your abuse to these Moroccans - They have equal rights and if the Dutch cannot get along with each other - how do you expect the Moroccans to get along with you.
D) I live in Canada Gert and Moroccans are very good to my family Gert - that what is left of them. NO matter how badly they are wrongfully mistreated they always smile and turn the other cheek
E) Teach your women how to behave properly around Muslim Males equal rights responsibility in your dress code and behavior.
F) Gert you will never be Prime Minister of the Netherlands
Signed Fraser