Monday, May 10, 2010

Rabbi: Former Prime Minister Van Agt Unfit for Remembrance Speech

Rabbi Raphael Evers of the largest Jewish communal organization in the Netherlands, the Orthodox NIK, has expressed his surprise that the town of Nijmegen had invited former Prime Minister Dries van Agt to speak at the Remembrance ceremony last week on National Memorial Day. “Van Agt has not shown himself to be a man who cares about the suffering of the second world war” Evers wrote. In the 1970s he called himself an ‘Aryan’, an expression used by the Nazis for what they considered their ‘superior race’. This remark was made a the time when Van Agt pleaded for the freeing of the last three major Dutch war criminals held in Dutch jails.

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Ach Gút , zei een "hoogstaande?" rabbit wát ?