Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Former Minister: Immigration Creating New Problems

Former Minister of Affairs Concerning Foreigners and Integration Rita Verdonk, who has started her own movement, claims that the current government is creating new problems by allowing the immigration of foreigners who will cause trouble for many decades to come. She says that many Poles, Rumanians and Bulgarians in the Netherlands are criminals, and that there are many other problems with such immigrants. Verdonk says seems the government has not learned anything from previous waves of immigration.

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Dee said...

Working is a crime, indeed. She appears to think she's mightier than the queen herself, ignoring the essence of the queen's message. Trots op Nederland, Rita. Pride is nothing she seems to have a shortage of, full of it for herself, the size of her mouth in direct proportion to the size of her brain, that's something she should be proud of.