Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ombudsman: Dutch State Guilty of Hardening of Society

Alex Brenninkmeijer, the State Ombudsman, says that government services often treat citizens in an uncivilized manner, which which leads to the hardening of Dutch society. In his annual report he says: "A person arrested may get an unnecessary slap in the face; in a crisis situation regarding a child no one interferes; a woman is shamelessly frisked by the security service at Schiphol Airport; people arrested are unnecessarily locked up in police cells; a demonstrator is censored and intimidated; an official with a warrant unnecessarily empties the apartment of a person who is away because of illness." Brenninkmeijer also said that increased aggression against police is due partly to the increasing lack of patience on the part of police agents. He stresses that the hardening cannot be blamed on the citizens, most of whom behave properly.

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Dag said...

Geert Wilders' service provider in America has at least temporarily shut down Fitna's promo. It's bad news for the Netherlands, and it's bad news for all democrats in the world. But it's good news for us as well in that we see just what we deal with in this real world of ours. Knowing that we can then work toward a real solution rather than sitting back to smoke pot.

Thanks for all the great efforts you've been making on this and many other stories.