Sunday, March 30, 2008

Muslims Worried about Next anti-Islam Movie

Muslim organizations think the “Fitna” movie by Geert Wilders is distorted but not very shocking. They are, however, afraid of a cartoon film being planned by a secular Muslim Ehsam Jami. They expect this one to be much more scandalous than “Fitna.”

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Dag said...

Why so picky, these Muslims? If Wilder's film is acceptable to them, or at least not one that compels them to violence in the streets, then free critique is open and just. Why distinguish between one film and another due to scale of insult? Is Piss Christ less offensive than Dung Mary? Who'd know? The point is that if one is allowable, so is the other. So too is Wilders and the animator. Either one accepts critique of Islam generally or one allows for none of it. Muslims have shot their bolt here, and anything next that differs is bizarre to say the least if it varies from this current practice of Muslim submission to the Dutch free norm.

If Fitna, then anything goes.