Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Ede: Prohibition of Assembly after “Moroccan” riots

Mayor Cees van der Knaap of Ede has decreed a prohibition of Assembly in part of the town's Veldhuizen neighborhood. This after many cases of arson and vandalism by mainly Moroccan rioters in the past days in the neighborhood. The police will be entitled to preventive frisking of people it suspects. Earlier there were problems around New Years Eve.

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FireFox said...

Finally a sensible move to restore order in an area where Muslim migrants constantly sow disorder and display contempt for their host country. Truly, what good are these migrants? There is no benefit, and every possible deficit, detriment, and danger exists with their continued presence. Madness and a desire to perpetuate social upheaval and instability are the only valid reasons for permitting them to stay and continue this typical Muslim behavior. This behavior seen everywhere that Muslims land only starts to make sense when you shift your perspective from this being a migration to this is an actual "Muslim "invasion".