Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Jewish Community Fears Arrival of Syrian and Iraqi Refugees to Jewish Neighborhoods

The CJO, the umbrella body of Dutch Jewish organizations CJO and local Jewish organizations in Amsterdam and Amstelveen are deeply concerned about the security of the Jewish community on the occasion of the reception of Syrian and Iraqi refugees in a building at Laan van Kronenburg in Amstelveen. The organizations, indicate that the said center is located in the Jewish infrastructure and therefore particularly unfortunate. Amsterdam-Buitenveldert and the intended part of Amstelveen, are the only places in the Netherlands with a visible or recognizable Jewish community with multiple synagogues, Jewish schools, kosher restaurants and kosher shops and a Jewish cemetery. The CJO mentions that most of the terrorist threat to Jewish institutions comes from individuals and organizations from countries where the current asylum seekers come from and where official channels are very negatively about Jews.

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