Thursday, November 14, 2013

Scottish Soccer Fans: Amsterdam Police Abused Us

Fans of the Scottish soccer team Celtic, have collected video material about the violence they encountered from Amsterdam police before their team played against Ajax Amsterdam. They said that they knew that the Ajax supporters had a bad reputation, but not that the police did also. Even the Scottish police are shocked by the behavior of the Amsterdam police. A group of Ajax fans stole a Scottish flag and ran away, followed by the owners of the flag. The police intervened, aided by tens of undercover policemen whom the Scottish fans thought were Ajax hooligans. Earlier that day, 50 Scottish fans were attacked in a coffee shop by 200 Ajax hooligans. From the security camera in the cafĂ©, it can be seen how they broke windows with hammers and attacked the Scots. In the picture posted on the official website of the Celtic team, one can see how two undercover cops hold a Celtic fan while a third one knees him in the stomach. In another picture, a policeman holds a man while a dog bites his leg. A Scot is hit and wounded by a police car and his leg is broken in three places. He didn’t ask for help out of fear of the police and only agreed to be treated in a Glasgow hospital. He was one of tens of wounded among the Scots.

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