Monday, October 28, 2013

Racism at Pro-Black Pete Demonstration

On Saturday, a demonstration took place in The Hague in support of the continuation of Black Pete at the annual Sinterklaas children’s folklore festival on December 5th. A woman near the demonstration was holding a Papua flag, in an unrelated private demonstration against the United Nations. She protested because the U.N. does nothing about the annexation of West Papua where it murdered 400,000 people. A few of the Black Pete supporters saw her and surrounded her. A blonde woman in black face shouted at her, “You are against Black Pete. Shut up and go to your own country!” The woman said that she wasn’t against Black Pete, but against the U.N., yet no one listened to her. The woman tried to run away from the Black Pete demonstrators, but they stopped her. A passing policeman told her to follow him, for her own safety. Some of the demonstrators then shouted with joy. “They arrested her!” said one woman. “Rightly so!” said her husband.

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