Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Government Breaks Promises Regarding Afghan Trainees

The Ministry of Defense had promised the Parliament that there would be follow-up contacts with the Afghani police agents trained by Dutch soldiers in the Afghan province of Kunduz after the training. From an investigation by the daily Volkskrant and the TV program Nieuwsuur, it turns out that the ministry has no idea where these police agents are stationed today and whether they have acted according to the rules the government promised Dutch Parliament: they could fire out of self-defense, yet not participate in attacks. Also the promised 10 week follow-up training was not given. Defense expert Ko Colijin, Director of the Clingendael Institute has expressed doubts as to whether the actions of the trained Afghani police fit the promises to Parliament. The Ministry of Defense has expressed the hope that the follow-up training will still take place.

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