Monday, June 20, 2011

Death Threat in Greece against Wilders

The Dutch Embassy in Athens has received a death threat against Freedom Party Leader Geert Wilders which is being taken seriously. Wilders has also received hate mail from angry Greeks. He recently brought a huge new drachma bill to the Greek Embassy in The Hague indicating his opinion that Greece should leave the Euro Zone. Wilders has been threatened for years already by radical Muslims and is guarded continuously. Regarding the Greek threat, Wilders said: “I protect the Dutch interests. It is absurd to send a death threat to a parliamentarian from a country which helps the Greeks.” Wilders said that he will file a complaint with the Dutch police.

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ESLaPorte said...

The Dutch government - the AIVD - spend WAY too much time combing the world for threats against Wilders - probably imagery!