Monday, April 18, 2011

Double Standards in Human Rights?

Lawyer Verbaas, who represents Christian asylum-seekers in The Netherlands claims that The Netherlands applies double standards concerning human rights. He says that minister of foreign affairs Rosenthal (Liberals) condemns violence against Christians in countries such as Iran and emphasizes the human rights strategy of the Dutch government. At the same time minister Leers of immigration and asylum (Christian Democrat) attempts to expel Christian asylum-seekers to Iran where Christians are persecuted. Verbaas mentions that the Dutch immigration service IND says that one can be a Christian in Iran if one does it discreetly. According to the Open Doors organization Iran is second on the list of countries — after North Korea — where Christians are persecuted most. Parliamentarian Joel Voordewind (Christian Union) says that being forced to exercise one’s religion discreetly is an insult for human rights and freedom of religion.

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