Monday, January 17, 2011

Liberal Parliamentarian: Turkey Should Stop Interfering in Dutch Affairs

The Liberal Party requests that Turkey stop interfering with the integration of Turks in Dutch society. They asked for clarification from Minister of Immigration and Asylum Leers (Christian Democrat) and Minister of Foreign Affairs Rosenthal (Liberal) about the statement by Turkish Minister Celik who expressed his pessimism about the integration chances of Turks in the Netherlands. According to Celik who is responsible for Turks abroad, the tough Dutch immigration and integration policy are important reasons for the problems which many Turkish Dutch youngsters experience. According to the Liberals, it is the strong link with Turkey and Turkey-related organizations which are negatively affecting the integration of Turkish Dutchmen. Parliamentarian Ten Broeke said: “Celik puts the responsibility for delinquent Turkish youngsters on the [Dutch] authorities. That is topsy-turvy. The responsibility lies with the youngsters themselves and it seems to me that Turkey can learn a lot from the Dutch youth and integration policy.”,buitenland

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