Monday, November 22, 2010

Gouda: Moroccan Youngsters Terrorize Neighborhood Again

Once again, the Oosterwei neighborhood in Gouda is terrorized by Moroccan youngsters. Inhabitants are attacked, robbed and verbally abused. Stones and eggs are thrown at them. There are also attempts at arson and stones are thrown through windows. This was said by the head of the neighborhood committee in Gouda East, the neighborhood where a bus driver of the Connexion company was beaten up two years ago. He added that the new group of hooligans is between eight and thirteen years old. Complaints at the municipality have no visible follow-up.

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PanthBharti said...

This is module and model of Kashmir.
Soon women/children come attacking with stones,dirt & dirty slogans.If police hits back its human rights abuse, if they don't they ransack police stations, police has to vacate its post, and that is perfect situation for militants.