Monday, June 7, 2010

Is Labor Party Election Platform Only Anti-Israeli or Also Anti-Semitic?

The Dutch Parliamentary elections will take place on Wednesday 9 June. The platform of the Dutch Labor party (PVDA) is called “Everybody Counts”. The section on international affairs is entitled “The Netherlands in a Better World”. In it is a section on areas of instability in the world. It mentions in one line two areas of Africa. The only other issue named is the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, which gets 25 lines. It makes strong demands almost exclusively on Israel, recommending EU pressure on it to conform with these demands, with a few minor ones on the Palestinians. No mention is made of the promotion of genocide of Jews in the Charter of the largest Palestinian party, Hamas nor of the glorification of murderers of civilians by the Palestinian Authority. No mention is made in the program of the war in Afghanistan, in which the Labor party was the main proponent of withdrawal of all Dutch involvement before the NATO mission was completed. The Labor party leader is Job Cohen the former mayor of Amsterdam, whose grandparents on his father’s side were murdered in the Holocaust.

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