Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gouda Bulwark of Moroccan Criminality

Data from the Ministry of the Interior show that while in Gouda, Moroccans make up 9% of the population, one of three criminals in the town is of Moroccan origin. Also in the towns of Utrecht Veenendaal, Culemborg and Zeist, 20% – 25% of the criminals are of Moroccan origin. Amsterdam is the town with the largest number of Moroccan criminals, 2,500 among 15,000 –17% of all suspects -- followed by Rotterdam with 1,800 Moroccan criminals and the Hague with almost 1,300. In 181 of the 431 Dutch municipalities in 2007, more than 5 suspects of Moroccan background were arrested. Moroccans account for 2% of the Dutch population.

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