Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Culemborg: Concrete Barriers to Protect Moluccan Neighborhood from Moroccans

After riots in the last several days between Moroccans and Moluccans in the town of Culemborg, it has been decided to construct concrete barriers at the entrance to the Moluccan neighborhood. On Sunday night Moroccan youngsters threw rocks through the windows of Moluccan homes, despite a heavy police presence. The police think that there about 50 youngsters involved on each side. Police Chief Van Zwam is not convinced that the strong police presence will be sufficient, saying: “Some of these youngsters want to be arrested because it will give them status.” Mayor Roland van Schelven hopes that the authorities’ conversations with the two sides will, in the long term, lead to solutions.

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Revnant Dream said...

What!!! This is outrageous. There acting like the hated Israelis!!!
Soon they will be calling for profiling that makes Israels Airlines the safest with never a terrorist problem. Multiculturalism must com first. Even if its over your dead body. I know this. For the Government tells me so. So much hate for the people of the "Religion of Peace". They just want to live like you.
The west should allow even more Colonies in Europe for these
gentle misunderstood people.